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This Is How We Do It.

I’ve been hating my body for months now.

I should never hate who I am or what I look like.

Its time to get serious again.

Tonight I binge ate…for the first time in weeks. I had an incredibly rough week and simply just broke down eating as many pumpkin flavored ice cream cakes I could stuff in my mouth.

This isn’t who I am. This is never who I’ve been. It will not be who I become.

Tomorrow I am stronger than ever, focusing on my physical health.

Milage: 314 miles for the year, almost to my goal of 500! 

First Full Marathon in December

Starting to climb and do yoga to build my strength!


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Monday Weigh Day!

Starting back at this so here we go!

SW: 182.0lbs

CW: 158.0

UGW: 140.0

Bitch. We got this.

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Monday Weigh Day!

I know its a bit late…

Monday Weigh Day:

Current Weight: 146.6lbs!

Lowest yet!

-35.4lbs total!

With my 10K in about a week, I’m truly happier than ever with my results!


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Why hello my BEAUTIFUL fitblrs!

I’m happy to have a great update for everyone…

I am officially a SIZE 6!!!!!!!!!!!!

-I am literally HALF of what I used to be, a size 12/14

This has been my goal throughout the entire process!

To be honest if feels even better to have reach this goal by not obsessing over my food intake.

I just make healthy choices, never feel guilty, and run my butt off each week.

Simply on cloud nine.

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Makes me Stronger.

I think I’ve finally hit that place in my training where running no longer tires me out in the same way.

Rather than being completely out of breath and unable to take another step by the end of my daily miles, I feel refreshed and normal during the entire run.

Its my body’s endurance that matters now.

I can breath fine. I can go as far as my legs will take me. Which is getting longer each day.

But for the first time in my life I feel like an athlete, conditioning and taking care of my body to get it to the highest level possible.

I must admit…it feels…pretty awesome.

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Bigger than my Body.

Now having lost 30+ lbs my body has obviously changed.

I see it. I feel it. And now others in my family and friend circles have begun to notice too.

But I find that accepting myself, even this small, is difficult.

I thought that when I lost this weight, when I got to the same weight or size of the beautiful celebrities I admire then I’d automatically look like them.

But what I had to realize is…thats never going to happen.

Because I am my own woman. With my own body type

A body type that regardless of how much weight I gain or loose, I genetically will have for the rest of my life. So I need to accept and love it for what it gives me, and appreciate it for the flaws it possesses. 

Because only then will I finally look like those stunning girls…because I’ll have the confidence they personify each day.

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Lately I’ve felt unstoppable because in all honesty my diet and exercise have been totally mint.

But this past week in my training I finally hit a wall.

The 4 mile wall.

I had never ran that far before…5K being the extent of my distance running.

It somehow seemed like such a daunting task, that the addition of 1 mile suddenly made it impossible. I avoided the run all week…messing up my training schedule and making excuses.

But the truth was…I was scared.

I let my fear get the best of me…of making me feel like I couldn’t do something that my body so obviously could after weeks of training.

So I finally just…did it.

I ran 4 miles. 

After I felt like a total rock star. Unstoppable. Hell even thinking of 5+ miles isn’t as daunting anymore…because I toppled that wall so gracefully.

So I’ve decided to do away with fear. And trust that I am capable and deserving of achieving the things I work for and want so very badly.


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Monday Weigh Day!

Alright time for my weekly weigh in…

SW: 182 lbs

CW: 146.8 lbs

Total weight loss: -35.2 lbs!!!!

This is INCREDIBLE. I am 1.8 lbs from my UGW and still working on training for my half marathon in February!

Plus yesterday I ran 4 MILES. Which is the farthest I’ve ever ran…so I’m a bit on cloud nine today!

Good luck to all those working on getting healthier and more fit!


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Monday Weigh Day…a bit late!

Sorry friends! I’ve been in quite the rush lately with a ton of new things popping into my life, so here’s my Monday Weigh Day a bit late this week!

SW: 182

CW: 153

-29lbs total!

I am so incredibly excited!!! My goal was 30lbs by my birthday (today) and even though I shouldn’t, I stepped on the scale this morning to see a beautiful 151.2lbs!!!

Which means…drumroll please…I MET MY GOAL!!!

I’m very proud and excited…plus only a mere 6lbs from my original UGW.


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I recently made a huge transition.

For the past year I’ve been living 1,000 miles away from my home, family, and friends. A year that I’ve been blessed to have really made a healthy and positive change in my life through diet and exercise.

Recently I’ve chosen to move back to my roots and start Graduate school to earn my masters degree! As exciting as this is, believe me I’m STOKED, I now find myself back in the toxic life that lead me down my old road of unhealthy habits.

I feel like I’m starting over again. Having to find my new schedule, new ways to find the food I like and want, plus a new balance of my social, school, and professional life.

I can’t say its been easy. But I can say its getting easier. I’m finally at a confident level with myself that I am comfortable to stand up for what I want. And what I want is my health.

So here’s to the next 2 years of my life, may it be filled with things that push me, love me, and overall make me better.


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I haven’t really talked a whole lot about emotions on this blog…it’s mainly been filled with pictures of women and clothes that inspire me with a pinch of my witty banter here and there about my progress.

But today I’m talking emotions.

I first started working out and running especially because I needed an outlet for all my stress and heavy emotions. Come to find out now, almost 6 months later, I find myself rediscovering how to motivate myself to exercise because…I’m just doing so well that I don’t have such heavy emotions or stress to relieve.

It has been the best problem in the world to have, “I’m way too happy.

Through this whole journey I’ve found that exercise is there for me anytime, all the time, any mood, any day. I can go to it and instantly feel better regardless of my day. 

Which I feel blessed to have discovered, and to continued to pursue for almost half a year…here’s to another!

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"I’m training."

Two words I NEVER thought I’d hear myself say about anything…ever.

But alas I am training. For a 10K and Half Marathon!

The 10K is in November, can you say Turkey Trot? 

And the Half Marathon is in February…I say I’m training for both because the training overlaps and even after my 10K I’ll continue to work towards the Half Marathon.

I truly love running. I always feel like a total bad ass when I pass people on the street and afterwards. Plus there is nothing like the feeling of laying on you bedroom floor after you just had an incredible run!

So I think since I’m so darn close to my UGW I’m going to shift this to both a tumblr about my training and weight loss.

So lets do this!


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Monday Weigh Day!

Here we go!

CW: 154.6 lbs!

That is -2.4 lbs from last week and a total of -27.4 lbs since starting my new healthy lifestyle!!

I’m crazy proud of this! I’m LESS than 10 lbs from my UGW plus I am 2.6lbs from reaching my goal of loosing 30lbs before my birthday in late August!

Keep it up everyone!

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Monday Weigh Day!

Alright here we go…

SW: 182.0 lbs

CW: 156.6 lbs!

Total Weight loss: -25.4 lbs!!!

I’ve finally hit the -25 lbs mark! I’m so incredibly proud of myself! Plus i’m only about 10 lbs away from my UGW!!


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Monday Weigh Day!


I know its been a while, to be honest I hit a mean plateau and didn’t want to bring everyone else down…BUT it is finally gone!

CW: 158.0 lbs!

- 24lbs total!

AMAZING! The lowest yet!

And to make matters even better, yesterday I ran my FIRST 5K! I was able to complete the entire race, never stopping!

I plan to keep up my hardcore love of the gym and running to continue to get fit and train for a 10K in November.


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